Justina Pelletier parents' nightmare doesn't seem to be over after a judge in Massachusetts, America has decided to give the state “permanent custody” of their ill daughter.
The decision was made after a year long dispute between the teenager’s family and the Boston Children’s Hospital and the state Department of Children and Families. 
Justina was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease several years ago which caused her to have trouble eating and walking. Her condition worsened in February 2013 and after a recommendation, her parents decided to take her to Boston Children’s Hospital to see a gastroenterologist.
However the 15-year-old was never seen by a gastroenterologist and was instead diagnosed with somatic symptom disorder: a psychiatric condition similar to hypochondria. Her father tried to have her discharged but it was met with security guards at the exit.
The hospital then went onto file “an allegation of medical child abuse” against Justina’s parents who were seeking what the hospital deemed as “unnecessary treatment” and petitioned the state for custody.
A year long court battle has ensued since then with doctors being unable to decide if Justina is suffering from mitochondrial disease or a psychiatric disorder.
The hospital has also stated that Justina’s parents have been difficult to work with as they have yelled at doctors and threatened social workers. The Department was also revealed that parents refused offers for Justine to be put in a long term care facility closer to her family home.
Despite the court’s decision Justina’s parents said they are not giving up and are planning to bring their daughter before the judge for wrongful imprisonment.