Pass the popcorn: One of the best girl-power movies is on the telly this weekend

Congrats, you’ve made it to the weekend!

The weather is promising to be stunning over the next few days, the summer vibes are already in the air and we couldn’t be feeling happier about it.

However, once the evening rolls around and the temperature begins to drop again, we sometimes prefer to creep back indoors, snuggle up on the sofa and stick on a great film.

If you’re looking for the perfect movie choice this weekend, we have a fantastic top pick for you!

Credit: Universal Pictures

This Sunday evening, ITV2 will be showing one of our all-time favourite girly films - Pitch Perfect 2. 

This hit sequel picks up three years after the Barden Bellas acapella group won their very first championship.

While the girls enjoy a long run of success and acclaim, a disastrous performance in front of President Barack Obama at the Kennedy Center forces the Bellas to fall from grace and be suspended from competing in the ICCAs. 

However, despite losing the praise of critics and their self-confidence being dented, Beca, Chloe and the gang are determined to get back on top.

Credit: Universal Pictures

After recruiting new girl Emily, the Bellas put all their focus on winning the World Championships of A Cappella in Copenhagen - but will they be able to restore their reputation?

Get ready for an amazing film with lots of girl power and incredible music! Pitch Perfect 2 airs on ITV2 this Sunday, May 28, at 6:50pm.