Pharmacist of the Year Laura Dowling introduces new range of nutritional supplements fabÜ

Formulated and developed by the winner of the prestigious 2022 Pharmacist of the Year Award, Laura Dowling, fabÜ’s scientifically targeted supplement formulations take the guessing game out of the endless list of supplements available on the market today.

The result is a product range combining just six to eight powerful key ingredients tailored specifically to your wellbeing needs. Thanks to Laura’s incredible fascination with the wonderful powers of plants, herbs and mushrooms from across the world, fabÜ demonstrates perfectly how nature and science can work seamlessly together in absolute harmony.

Laura Dowling - The Fabulous Pharmacist on Instagram and founder of fabÜ

Having witnessed a large volume of pharmacy customers, overwhelmed by the number of supplements on the market today, and after years of fielding questions from her now 55k+ Instagram followers as the @fabulouspharmacist, Laura wanted to simplify and improve the supplement offering.

“So many people are confused by the vast amount of generic ‘one size fits all’ nutritional supplements available. Many of those supplements do not necessarily target their specific needs. You do not need to take the product with the most ingredients or every ingredient. Often you just need a tailored product that meets a specific need and plugs that gap in your diet or lifestyle”.

This is why fabÜ is so special - high quality, minimal ingredients brought together using pharmacognosy (the study of plants, herbs and mushrooms), demonstrating how nature and science can be tailored to work together in harmony.


A one-month supply of fabÜ SHROOMS IMMUNE is priced at €23.99 RRP

Completely different to any other immunity supplement on the market today, fabÜ SHROOMS IMMUNE contains six active ingredients with a concentrated extract of two unique, edible mushrooms - Cordyceps and Chaga. Cordyceps mushrooms have been used for over a thousand years in traditional Eastern medicine as a tonic to support energy levels and immune function, while Chaga mushrooms have been used for centuries to support immunity and improve overall health.


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These have been blended with vitamin D, vitamin C, copper and zinc to support your immune system and protect cells from oxidative stress. fabÜ SHROOMS IMMUNE also promotes healthy hair with vitamin D and zinc benefitting hair loss and copper optimising hair growth.


A one-month supply of fabÜ R&R RELAX is priced at €28.99 RRP.

The botanical extracts in fabÜ R&R RELAX have been carefully chosen because of their traditional use in Ayurvedic, Chinese and European medicine offering relaxation and stress-relieving properties.


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A unique supplement with eight active ingredients, fabÜ R&R RELAX is based on the Ayurvedic herb, Ashwagandha - an amazing Indian ingredient that is Laura’s go-to for stress and fatigue, and botanical extracts such as lemon balm, chamomile and L-theanine blended with B vitamins and magnesium to support psychological function, nervous system, mental performance and reduce tiredness and fatigue.


Research shows that users of Ashwagandha see an improvement in stress and fatigue within two months.

Studies show that magnesium, vitamin B3 and vitamin B12 contribute to normal psychological function, the normal functioning of the nervous system and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Vitamin B5 contributes to normal mental performance.

Vitamin D, vitamin C, copper and zinc will contribute to immune support from day one. Vitamin D, copper and zinc contribute to the maintenance of hair health and users will see a benefit in their hair health within three months.

Directions for use:

fabÜ SHROOMS IMMUNE: It is recommended to take two easy-to-swallow capsules daily.

fabÜ R&R RELAX: It is recommended to take two easy-to-swallow capsules daily and they are best taken in the evening.

Available to buy at and leading pharmacies nationwide.