Police in a town in Alabama, US have expressed their shock and horror after being called to the scene where a toddler was found unconscious in the back of her family car.


According to a report by CBS, the tot had been accidentally left in the hot car by her father. The unnamed man had dropped his wife off to work on Thursday morning, before parking his car – with the child inside – and heading into his own office.


Early reports claim that the father forgot his daughter was inside, and the 14-month-old ended up in the hot car for three to four hours. One of the windows was said to be rolled down.



After being found unconscious, the child was rushed to the local children’s hospital where she is said to be ‘fighting for her life’.


The parents, who are due to be interviewed by police regarding the incident, are said to be ‘extremely shaken’. No criminal charges have yet been brought against them.


A member of the local police force, Lt. Sean Edwards, admitted that the whole situation was ‘mind-blowing’ to himself and his staff.



“The reality is that there shouldn’t be that much in your life that will have you so occupied that you will leave your one-year-old child in a car, extremely hot – like a hot day, like a summer day, today,” he said.


Admitting that many of his colleagues are ‘in shock’ over the incident, he added: “A lot of us are at the hospital, just kind of waiting around. We’re very hopeful. We believe in miracles, plus the little kid is fighting.”


We hope the poor tot will pull through.


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