After a widespread search, 13-year-old Amber Peat’s body was found in undergrowth in Mansfield three days after she went missing.


However, rather than go straight to the teenager’s parents to inform them of the news, PC Samantha Goodwin sent a text to a friend telling them the young girl had been found. A total of three texts were sent - two after the family had been told.


According to reports, PC Goodwin also leaked confidential information and Chief Constable Chris Eyre deemed her actions “profoundly inappropriate”, adding that she "could not be trusted with the most personal and sensitive information".


Amber went missing in May of this year after leaving her home following an argument. Her body was found three days later, a mile away from her home, and her death was not treated as suspicious.



"A number of text messages were found which contained something which seemed to be at odds with the officer's role and core values at Nottinghamshire Police,” said a police spokesman.


In PC Goodwin’s defence, Police Federation spokesman Malcolm Spencer said: "She has been totally honest throughout in accepting the comments that she has made, accepting that in the cold light of day how abhorrent they are."