A woman reversed her cars into Ramsgate Harbour


A pregnant woman has been rescued after she apparently reversed her car off the bank of a marina and on to a floating pontoon in Kent in the UK.


According to Kent_999 Twitter account, the woman was rescued by police and firefighters after "accidentally reversing" into the harbour.


A woman reversed her car into Ramsgate Harbour


Pictures from Twitter show the car is almost upright against the marina wall as the expectant mother sits in the vehicle in balance it out.


Kent Online reports that as well as firefighters and police, paramedics and a lifeboat was also called onto the scene.


A woman reversed her cars into Ramsgate Harbour


Firefighters who attended the scene had to use a specialised winch to hold the car steady as the police officers climbed down to rescue the lady.


The rescue attempt was a success but the car will need to be removed by crane in the next day.


We're glad the mum-to-be came out unharmed.


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