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In a recent visit to a west London school to discuss cyber-bullying, Prince William reach spoke out against the ubiquity of heavily edited photos online and its harm on children's, especially young girls', self-esteem.


He and rapper Professor Green spoke with students at Burlington Danes Academy and some from Kensington Aldridge Academy, hosted by YouTuber Dan Howell.


Discussing mental health and time spent online, Will told pupils to ignore the unrealistic beauty standards so often represented in social media, the Telegraph reports.


"I worry for you girls," he said simply.


"The touched-up pictures are not real," the Duke of Cambridge assured the Year Ten students, "Don’t try to recreate them or think that’s what you’ve got to aim for."



"There’s a lot of fakeness online so don’t worry about that."


He also had advice for teenage boys, encouraging them to open up about their emotions: "It’s really important for boys. We’re not very good at talking about our emotions and how we feel. 


“Girls have got a little bit better, and boys we’ve really got to work hard on being able to talk to friends, family, and trusted people about how we feel."


Prince William recognised that being a teenager is difficult enough as it is, and he said that modern teens must find it especially tough with the added factor of online activity.



"That’s a lot,” he noted, “You must be aware of that, it’s a lot of pressure. There’s so many things going on. You’re going to be bamboozled."


Considering these pressures of online life, the 35-year-old, his wife, and his brother all have dedicated themselves to championing the mental health of young people.


During his visit to Burlington Danes Academy, the Duke spoke to students about Stop Speak Report, which is a simple guide for what students should do when they notice bullying online.


When asked for advice on how to better their mental health, Will told students, "Don’t spend all day online. Seriously, don’t."



“For your mental health, get outside, come away from the screen. By all means be on a screen but don’t be on it all day because it will only bring you into another world.


“It’s important that you balance the time."


We're with him!


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