Puberty can be a confusing and scary time for teenagers, and with the many changes that are occurring for your teens, many myths can start to emerge as well. Here are some of the puberty myths that your teen may hear, and the real truths surrounding them:
Certain weight before your period arrives
Your teen doesn’t have to be at a specific weight to have her first period. As long as she's eating a healthy diet and is leading a healthy lifestyle, it will arrive when her body is ready. However if you’re concerned, your teen can always go to your family GP for a quick check-up.
Not noticed any signs of puberty
Puberty can range for each teen, it could come early for some and for other teens, it can be later. There is no specific time for when puberty is supposed to be begin, but it usually arrives around the ages of eight to 14 and can even continue on into your twenties.
Wearing underwired bra will stop your breasts from developing
It’s recommended that your teen doesn’t wear an underwired bra straight away, this is usually for your teen’s comfort but also to allow your teen's breast tissue to develop. Your teen should probably wear a training bra or non-wired bra initially but even if they do wear a wired bra straight away, it doesn’t mean their breasts will stop developing. So if your teen does decide to wear an underwired bra initially, it's ok, as long as it’s well fitted one and supports her breasts during your teen's development. 
Only girls experience puberty
Not true, both girls and boys experience puberty, just in different ways and usually at different times. Puberty is a scary time for both boys and girls. So, even though puberty can usually occur at a later time for boy than it does for girl, they are still going through some big changes in the way they look and feel as well.
Shaving makes your hair grow back thicker
This is a myth as well. When you shave you cut the hair on your skin’s surface so when it grows back it can appear coarser than it really is.
You shouldn’t shower during your period
Not true, your teen will need to shower even more as result of puberty, especially during their period.  Make sure your teen pays extra attention to their bathing routine during their period, for their own comfort but also for their own hygiene routine.