A woman has raised concerns over school guidance programmes that suggest having sex at the age of 13 is normal behaviour.


Sarah Carter of the Family Education Trust has brought the issue before the Commons Education Select Committee in England, stating that some of what is being taught in British schools is unlawful.


A key part of Ms Carter’s evidence comes from recently published literature from the Traffic Light Tool System, one which uses red, amber and green lights to denote the appropriateness of sexual behaviour among teens.


Ms Carter expressed her shock at one particular section of the information, under the 13 to 17-year-old section, which ranked having a sexual or non-sexual relationship as green, or what is considered to be “safe and healthy sexual development”.


Speaking at the hearing, Ms Carter said: “That’s awfully unlawful behaviour, and so quite often what’s taught isn’t always lawful.”


What do you think of the advice being taught under this course? Is it responsible?