We have sad news to report this afternoon, as it has been confirmed that five-year-old Ben Farrell has passed away following a very brave fight with cancer.


The youngster was diagnosed with a stage IV Wilms tumour a week before Christmas last year, after his mum and dad, Valerie and Alan, noticed he was suffering from tummy pains.


Bringing him to the doctor, Ben’s parents were told it may be because of acid reflux but it turned out to be something much more serious.



Trusting their instincts, Valerie and Alan decided to bring Ben to A&E where they heard the world-shattering news.


“Within two hours we were given the devastating blow that Ben had a tumour and it was cancerous,” Valerie previously told MummyPages.


“Ben was diagnosed on the 24th Dec with a stage IV Wilms tumour, Wilms tumour is generally considered a 'good' type as in it generally responds well to standard treatments however Ben has a rare form that is not responding well to treatment.”


Ben endured 19 rounds of radiotherapy before a number of fundraising campaigns helped raised €260,000 to take the youngster to the Children’s Hospital in Washington to undergo clinical trials.



Following four weeks in Michigan, Ben arrived home on Monday, and sadly passed away surrounded by family and friends at his home in Finglas, Dublin. 






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