Thousands of students across the country will receive their Leaving Cert results tomorrow and the majority of their parents will probably feel as though they’re getting their own all over again.




As the milestone looms, your teen may want to spend tonight with their friends.


However, if their friends are also waiting on results, the inevitable panicked discussions may increase their anxiety.


Here are a few ways you can pass the time if your teen decides they need the comfort of their home during this moment of need:


  • Take a Walk: Physical exercise will help relieve tension and calm your teen. Get them to take the dog for a walk if you have one and if not, persuade them to go for a brisk walk with you.


  • Movie Night: A stack of your family’s favourite movies is a classic distraction. Stock up on snacks, pop some popcorn and curl up on the couch.


  • Board Games: It mightn't seem particularly ‘cool’ but gathering the family together for a classic game like Monopoly or Cluedo could really help your teen. Concentrating on the game will occupy their thoughts and force them to stop worrying about their impending results.


  • Computer Game Tournament: If your teen likes playing computer consoles, pick a multiplayer game and set up a family tournament. Playing something that they’re good at will boost your teen’s confidence and also help them to relax.



Whatever you choose to do, remember not to keep talking about the results.


The best thing to do is to keep your teen’s thoughts off the event and allow them to relax.


Talk to your teen earlier in the day about any worries they have and reassure them that no matter what happens, they have options.


Once you’ve done that, move on and enjoy the night.


If you or your child is concerned, the Exam Helpline 2017 will open tomorrow (16th August), and will offer confidential advice, information and support to students receiving their results.


The 1800 265 165 freephone helpline is open from 10 am on results day to take calls from students and parents seeking advice and up to date information on what choices are available to students.


It will open for three days the week of the results as well as a further three days the following week, after the release of CAO Round One offers.