We’re strict when it comes to washing our hands after the toilet, brushing our teeth before bed, and cleaning our towels after use – so why should we be any less careful about the cleanliness of our shower puffs?


We’ll be the first to raise our hands and admit that we’ve often kept our shower puffs to the point where they have actually unwound before our very eyes, but new research has proven why we need to nip this habit in the bud.


According to new scientific research, published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, we could be seriously damaging our health by holding on to dirty shower puffs.



The research report explains that daily scrubbing can cause dead skin cells to get caught in the mesh netting of shower puffs and the bristles of loofahs, causing them to ‘play host to a variety of bacterial species’.


Things start to get significantly ickier when the puff or loofah is left to hang in the warm, moist atmosphere of the bathroom – providing the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria to breed and infect.


So, what do the researchers recommend? The answer lies in ‘regular disinfection’ and drying in between uses.



We know what you’re thinking; when you hang the puff back up in the shower, it will just get wet and breed bacteria all over again, won’t it? Yes – which is why experts recommend changing your puff or loofah every three to six weeks.


Excuse us while we leg it to the supermarket!


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