Searching for a unique & beautiful Valentine’s statement gift?  Look no further.

Designed and crafted in Ireland using sustainable recycled silver and gold, Liwu means ‘gift’, and the gift of symbolic meaning is totally appropriate for those we love most in our lives.

A special Valentine's offer is now available on the Liwu website priced at just €75.00, allowing a choice of one of three silver necklaces for lovers, that come with complimentary gifts in a unique set normally retailing at €90.00.  Choose from the silver Heart Necklace, where the dainty love heart is in textured relief on the shiny polished silver disc.

The Celtic Trinity Knot love necklace is a symbol with no beginning or end, while the Chinese Love Necklace is a simple and delicate disc bearing the Chinese calligraphy character for love. The Liwu Valentine’s gift also comes with a stylish jewellery tray, made using eco- friendly sustainable resin by Pieces by Jade, a Wexford-based artisan business.

The Liwu Celtic Trinity Knot love necklace

An 'All my Love' hand-made gift card from Blossom Ink Studio, (also Wexford based) is included, for the complete Valentines gift package for just €75.00.

Matching earrings and bracelets are also available in most of the symbolic love designs for anyone wanting to super-size their Valentine’s gift with a complete and very meaningful fine jewellery collection.

The entire Liwu collection presents very personal messages in symbols created in pure gold and silver, so that the meaning cannot be mistaken or forgotten. Pieces are designed featuring worldwide ancient symbolism from many different cultures and every gift carries a message and a meaning.

Liwu Infinity necklaces are also a pretty Valentine’s choice. The ancient symbol is a horizonal closed figure of eight, which was the Greek symbol of the infinite. Available in both solid gold and silver, it is designed with simplicity and elegance and is a beautiful reminder that the possibilities in life are endless.

The Liwu Heart Silver Necklace

Liwu Jewellery allows friends and lovers to express themselves subtly, and to privately make statements of affection. Each piece comes with a meaning card, explaining the symbol and sentiment, and is made by skilled silversmiths in Ireland.

Symbols carry the gift of meaning across distances, cultures, and generations, Liwu designer, Áine Breen, says.

“As a gift to yourself or to someone dear to you, each piece and each symbol speaks directly to the heart. A Liwu creation can become a personal touchstone that reminds us of what matters most and tells us that even the simplest moments are sacred; that we are loved, and that good things can be ours”.

Áine Breen produces her jewellery on a farm by the sea in Ballymoney in County Wexford. Prices range from €54.95 to €135.00 for silver Liwu Jewellery, with gold pieces starting from €135.00. The collection is available online at and from jewellery stockists around Ireland.