September is a critical time of year when it comes to colds and flu, so mums need to do everything possible to make sure their little ones can fight off any germs that come their way.
Fruits and vegetables
Vitamin C is crucial for maintaining a healthy immune system and colourful fruits and veg like peppers, kiwi, broccoli and strawberries are all packed with this little guy.
Reduce sugar intake
Researchers have found that a diet high in sugar can suppress the cells responsible for attacking bacteria and protecting your little one’s health. Cut down on sugary treats in your child’s diet and keep a close eye on the sugar content of processed foods.
Regular exercise has an amazing effect on the body and a healthy body means a healthy immune system. Ensure your child is getting at least 30 minutes of exercise each day - you can even make it a family activity!
Good fats
Bodies need polyunsaturated fats to stay healthy so make sure you include foods high in Omega 3 in your child’s diet. Fish is an excellent source of fat, as are flax seeds, which can be sneakily added to a bowl of cereal in the mornings.
Helping hand
Vitamin supplements are often given to children as a welcome boost to their immune systems. Pharmaton Kiddi Health and Pharmaton Kiddi Crunchy contain selected vitamins, minerals and key nutrients that are so important for growth, development and general well-being.
Cut down on stress
Mums and dads may feel their little ones don’t have a reason to be stressed out, but little things can really get on top of our kids. Unfortunately, when the body is under stress, the immune system is weakened, so keep an eye on your child and look for signs of worry or unhappiness. If you suspect something is wrong, talk to them and help them tackle their issues.
Boost sleep time
Studies have shown that poor sleep can lower the strength of your immune system. Make sure your child is going to bed early enough and getting plenty of sleep. Put a routine in place and be sure to confiscate mobile phones and tablets before they get into bed.