Did you wake up just not feeling it today?


Not in the humour to chat with everyone you meet or to laugh at silly office jokes?


Well here are some tips on how to have a good day from the moment you wake up.


Wake up a few minutes earlier


Setting your alarm for even five minutes earlier can ease the stress in the morning and set you up for a good day immediately.



Make your bed


This isn’t just about being tidy, it’s also about clearing your mind and creating a calm environment.


Shaking out last night’s sheets and restoring your bed to something you want to get into will have you feeling better now and be a reward when you come home later.



Hugs from everyone


Sometimes when we’re not in good form, giving out hugs left right and centre just isn’t that appealing.


But the benefits you get from giving or receiving a good hug are so worth it.


So make sure before your partner or kids leave the house, they all get a good hug.



Give your desk a quick tidy


We don’t mean tackle the whole thing but get rid of used coffee cups from yesterday and organise the loose papers you have just floating around into a paper tray.


Having a tidy workspace will clear your mind and help you concentrate on the task at hand.



Sniff a lemon


Yes, we know it sounds weird but the lemon scent does a whole lot of good for our mental wellbeing.


Scientists have proven that lemon can alleviate sadness and boost our mood.


So light a lemon candle or spray some lemon scented body spray or just grab the fruit itself for a sniff of the pure stuff.



Happy list

When we’re feeling a little down and just generally not optimistic sometimes it’s good to write the good stuff down.


And go for simple things like “the kids got to school on time this morning with all the lunches packed”, “my partner and I have organised a cinema date for this weekend” or even “traffic wasn’t that bad this morning”.


Writing small things that make us happy down on a piece of paper forces us to recognise the good and encourages us not to worry about the bad.



So try these simple tips for a guaranteed good day.


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