It seems as though everywhere we turn, science is runining our lives by telling us we can't eat or drink ANYTHING. 


Can I get an amen?


Anyway, sparkling water is the latest thing we should be avoiding (oh, just add it to the list at this stage), and we're not okay. 


Firstly, I want to give sparkling water a special shout out for being so gosh darn REFRESHING! *thirst quenched*


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Anyway, apparently is is having a pretty negative effect on our teeth, of all things! 


“Bubbles in sparkling water and seltzer are a product of carbon dioxide,” according to Dentist, Dr. Lana Rozenberg.


 “In the mouth, it is converted to carbonic acid, making the drink much more acidic in nature. That’s where the danger comes in—acid in the drink can wear enamel and cause erosion of the teeth.”


The onslaught continues: 


“If you are sipping the drink and swishing it around in your mouth and keeping it in contact with the teeth and you do this often, multiple times a day, that’s a dangerous behaviour,” she says.


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“If you are healthy and have a normal salivary flow, then the risks are lower—you can drink a bit more.”


Anyone else super sad about this?


She explains that your saliva can counterbalance and neutralise the acids within the drink. So if you tend to have a dry mouth, you should be extra careful! “It’s always better to drink sparkling water with meals because you are stimulating salivary flow.”


Listen, it may not be the BEST thing to drink, but seriously, it is miles better than downing litres of sugary beverages. 


Kindly, pass the fizzy water please, and thank you.