Most 15 year old teens are constantly pushing boundaries. They often ask their parents for more and more freedom. Sometimes, regardless of what their parents say, they will take it anyway. Independence is their main concern and they will try and take as much as they can.
Teens of this age won’t want to run their plans by you and will be likely to resent their curfew. It’s important that parents sit their teen down and explain why they need to know where they are and who they are with at all times.
The Future Is Real As the 15 Year Old Watches Older Peers
At the age of 15, teens will begin to imagine what it is like to be grown up, live on their own and be completely independent. Don’t be surprised if you get thrown such questions as, “What would you think if I didn’t go to college?’
When you do get shocking questions, react calmly and answer their questions as matter-of-factually as possible.
Your 15 year old is likely to be facing tough issues with peers and they may not want to tell you about it.
In fact, you may find it tough to get your teen to say much. Unless you are worried that your teen is in trouble- don’t try to force the issue.
Concerned that your 15 year old Teen's Development Isn't Normal?
Many parents of 15-year-old teens worry that they socially and emotionally developing either too fast or not fast enough. It is also at this age that parents begin to see warning signs of substance abuse or signs of mental health problems. Adolescence is frequently the time when social and emotional problems arise. If you suspect this is the case for your teen, you should seek help immediately.