The 18 year old teen is beginning to question their future. They want to find out where they fit in today’s world. It is a time for huge changes such as finishing school and starting college.


This is a time of apprehension and excitement. From here on in, teens are on their own more and more.


Teens of this age tend to be more understanding of others and are more likely to concern themselves with the feelings of their parents, which is always good news!


Peers don't have the same influence


At this age, teens will begin to move away from their peers, they will keep some of their secondary school friends but won’t be influenced by peer pressure since they are more capable of asserting independence.


Teens of this age will tend to be influence by close friends or a relationship with a boy or girl friend.  


The future is now the present


The teen who has worked hard to accomplish their goals, like getting their exam results will be getting ready to enjoy the rewards.



They will be looking forward to the next step and will go after it with an energetic enthusiasm. They may also  begin to realise that their parents have valuable life experiences that may help them in life and may begin to rely more on their parents to answer questions.


This is a time for parents to be proud, you have raised your child and now you can watch them begin to enjoy the benefits. 


Concerned that your 18 year old teen's development isn't normal?


Many parents of 18 year old teens worry that they are socially and emotionally developing either too fast or not fast enough. It is also at this age that parents begin to see warning signs of substance abuse or signs of mental health problems.


Adolescence is frequently the time when social and emotional problems arise. If you suspect this is the case for your teen, you should seek help immediately.