Start the kids Halloween celebrations with a visit to The Nightmare Realm

There will be a ‘deadly’ buzz in the capital this October as Ireland’s most terrifying Halloween attraction, The Nightmare Realm, makes a much-anticipated return to The RDS in search of fresh victims from now until 31st October.

You’re in for one ‘hell’ of a show as this extreme horror walkthrough was voted the ‘World’s Best Halloween Event’ (Unilad) and the ‘Best Independent European Halloween Attraction’ (Scare Tour).

The malevolent spirits and crazy creatures lurking within The Nightmare Realm walls are ‘dying’ to give thrill seekers a scare to remember and are said to be more cantankerous and bloodthirsty than ever after their Covid hibernation last year!

Within the Realm, victims visitors will be immersed in their darkest fears with three new gut-wrenching horror experiences - The Church of the Damned, Panic Attack and The Butcher Boys.

The three levels of hell start with the ‘Church of The Damned, a disturbing remote and run-down village where satanic rituals abide, and cult members worship the feared ‘Red Woman’.  Her dark hold over this unholy church means nothing is as it seems. You’ll have to get out quickly before they convert you to their sinister ways.

Just as you think you have made it to safety, the next level of fear awaits as you enter a real-life Panic Attack. You will be funnelled through a dark labyrinth designed to disorient your senses! This dreadful maze is a concoction of all your scariest horror movies and worst fears manifested before your very eyes. Can you make it through this living nightmare without having a panic attack?

Finally, you emerge in a remote area colonised by a group of freaks called ’The Butcher Boys’. Living in filthy shacks this depraved band of cannibalistic hillbillies have an appetite for fresh meat and salivate at the smell of fear. Make it through their house of horrors but beware as they hunt, torture, and kill any who stumble across their path.

Of course, sharing the experience is half the fun!  In addition to professional green screen photos within the Nightmare Realm, there’s a new social media zone for Halloween selfies featuring The Little Museum of Horrors with movie props and memorabilia from iconic horror films.  It’s the perfect opportunity to get a new profile pic for the Halloween season as you sit on Molly Mayhems infamous 'Skull Throne’, or pose with Chucky from Childs Play, possessed doll Annabelle from The Conjuring, and twisted puppet ‘Billy’ from SAW. There are also selfie ops from of the iconic horror flick ‘The Shining… just don’t say RedruM out loud!

‘Cult’ followers of The Nightmare Realm will be reluctantly glad to hear that crazed Molly Mayhem is back.  With her trusty bat 'Bam-Bam’ always by her side, you better play nice as she’s just looking for trouble. You’ll hear her infamous laugh before you see her! She’ll be found roaming outside and inside the haunts with her freakish side kick, the White Witch.  Born a bad seed, The White Witch knows no bounds! With her spider like crawls she is always close by, but you won’t see her until it’s too late… and she takes no prisoners. 

As you queue, you’ll also spot show-stopping-whip-slashing Dancer The Mistress of Evil and The Human Pin Cushion girl, who’s bloody, batty and bonkers. And there will be special guests visits from Jason Vorhees and Freddie Kruger at weekends.

The Nightmare Realm will run from October 9th to 31st and tickets are now on sale.  As event capacity has been reduced to 60% to comply with Covid-19 restrictions up until the 22nd of October, it is advised to book early.  You must book in pods of 4, 5 or 6 people up to 21st October because of guidelines.  However, you can get a 15% during those dates by entering the discount code ‘MAIL15’.  For Student Slasher Deals, Teen Scream group deals, Despicable Daters offers and more, check out  

All government health restrictions around Covid19 protocols will be implemented to ensure staff and visitor safety.  Proof of vaccination for over 18’s will be required.