After being diagnosed with colorectal cancer when he was 15-years-old, Stephen Sutton drew up a bucket list with raising funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust being his number one priority.


The image of him lying in his bed with his thumbs up went viral and the teenager managed to raise more than £5m for the trust. 


Unfortunately, along with raising much-need funds for the UK charity, Stephen also wanted to run a marathon but due to his illness he was unable to - he sadly passed away last May after a four year battle. However, his mum, Jane Sutton, has stepped up to the plate and is honouring a promise she made to her son – to run the London marathon.


Talking to the BBC about the event taking place on Sunday, 26th April, Jane said: "Stephen was a keen runner. He wanted to run the marathon so I am keeping my promise to Stephen. I am hoping to raise as much money as I can for the Teenage Cancer Trust which was the charity Stephen chose.”


Hoping to raise £10,000, Jane admits that she has been "completely overwhelmed by the support" she has received since she started. "The support of everybody has been absolutely incredible. When I have been going out on my training runs, it's been lovely seeing people."


Best of luck, Jane!