Getting our kids to eat fruit and vegetables is one of the most frustrating tasks that we as mums have to face on a daily basis.
Considering it is one of the most important foods they need to eat as it contains much-needed vitamins and minerals, the pressure to get our little ones to eat it is ever growing.
As we all know, not eating a well balanced meal can leave you feeling hungry and unable to concentrate, which will obviously have a huge impact on your youngster's school performance. And, unfortunately, it is a common sight when cleaning your little one's lunch box after school to find an uneaten apple or carrot stick. 
In fact, a Harvard study of low-income schools found that pupils threw out a shocking 60% of their vegetables and 40% of their fruit at lunch. But, fortunately, a recent study in Utah shows us that it is possible to get kids to eat their five-a-day, with a pretty easy solution.
The research which was published in the journal Preventive Medicine studied kids who ate lunch before going out to play and students who ate before they went outside. The findings showed that those who had yard or playtime before lunch consumed 54% more fruit and veg, with the number of students eating one piece increasing by a fantastic 45%.
The study comes at a time when more and more children are suffering from obesity making it vital our kids have a healthy diet