Parents, it looks like you may just have found the winning formula to one of the biggest conflicts with your teenagers.
New research has indicated that the majority of young people struggle to perform simple tasks when they are distracted by music, phones or email.
A study conducted by two final year school students, and overseen by Stanford University, was undertaken to investigate whether teens can really multi-task when it comes to studying and using their tech devices simultaneously.
According to the findings of the study, which was carried out across 400 students at an average age of 14, a staggering 85 percent struggled to perform when multi-tasking with social media, messaging and other distractions.
On the other end of the statistics however, the remaining 15 percent actually showed signs of an improvement in their performance.
Sarayu Caulfield, an author of the study, said that the findings are particularly significant in an age where we are surrounded by technological distractions: “Media multitasking is a huge part of young people’s lives. So [they] may be able to cope with switching between tasks better…but most people still work at their best while focusing on one thing.”
This is definitely an article to pull up during exam time!