Three-year-old Melyssa Delgado Braga has undergone a life-saving operation which saw doctors remove an extremely large tumour from her face.


Melyssa’s tumour weighed a shocking five pounds and was diagnosed as Myxoma.


Image: Facebook/AJUDEM A MELYSSA


Hearing of her story, surgeons at Louisiana State University (LSU) Health Science Centre decided to donate their services at no charge to Melyssa’s family.


After an eight-hour surgery where surgeons successfully removed her tumour, Melyssa was fitted with a titanium plate which will be replaced as she grows.



The successful surgery has resulted in the three-year-old finally being able to eat, talk and laugh properly for the first time in her life.


Image: Facebook/AJUDEM A MELYSSA


Melyssa is now recovering in hospital and will return home with her family to her native Brazil in the next few weeks.