A 14-year-old girl from the Netherlands has been arrested as a result of a “joke” she sent to the American Airlines', Twitter account.
Sarah decided to send a tweet to American Airlines, telling them that she was a “terrorist” from Afghanistan and planned to do something “really big” to the airline.
The airline immediately replied back to the Dutch teenager and told her they took “terrorist threats” seriously and have given her IP address to the FBI.
The teenager immediately took back her tweet and said she was “only joking” and that she was “scared” and was just 14. She later suspended her account, after receiving a lot of online abuse from American Airline followers.
It’s unsure what exactly Sarah was trying to achieve, but police in the city of Rotterdam where the teen resides, have since arrested the 14-year-old and are currently conducting their own investigating into what occurred.
American Airlines have since taken down their response to Sarah and said their reasons for doing so was “to better focus on their customers”.