Teen pregnancy is an issue that is becoming more prevalent in the last number of years. Why? Well, there are many social-economic reasons for teen pregnancy but the main culprit is that teens are having unprotected, irresponsible sex. Teens need to be made aware of the fact that unprotected sex leads to pregnancy. It is the parent’s duty to educate on how to be a sexually responsible young adult.
Here are some tips you can use to help prevent teenage pregnancy:
Discourage early dating. Encourage friendships and partaking in group activities. Get your teen involved in a sport or hobby. Allow your teen to invite friends to your home for a movie or games night. The more time your teen spends with her friends as a group, the less time they will have to spend as couples. 
Talk with your teen about sex and contraception. Help your teen develop a plan to get out of situations they don’t want to be in. Making sex a topic they aren’t afraid to broach with you will lower the chances of them having sex behind your back.
Make their future attractive by teaching them to have dreams. Tell them they have the ability to do whatever they want. Make sure they don’t want to throw away their future by becoming pregnant at 17.Whether your teen is having sex or not, they need to be prepared and they need to know how pregnancy can be avoided. Your teen will trust your advice and consider you a trustworthy information source when it comes to birth control.
Enforce rules and curfews. Your teen may tell you that none of their other friends have curfews but so be it. Your teenagers need boundaries and rules to keep them safe.