Gavin Joseph, who has Asperger's Syndrome, was set upon by a stranger who had decided to "become judge and jury" after Gavin was described by others as being “creepy” because he hangs out on his own sometimes.


Horrifically, Gavin who lives in New Baden, Illinois was tricked into going over to a crowd of people before he was choked and punched by a number of assailants in front of everyone. The unprovoked, savage attack left the teen with a fractured nose, concussion and lots of bruising.


However, rather than allowing his attackers feel the full force of the law, he decided to teach them a lesson in his own way.


Instead, the teen asked that the thugs, along with their families, watch a 20 minute video message recorded by himself outlining his injuries and hear things from his perspective. He also asked them to write an essay on Asperger’s Syndrome after they had watched the video.


His mum, Cortnie Stone, was so proud of her son that she posted his story on Facebook, which was subsequently shared by a friend, and so far it has been shared nearly 100,000 times.


I am posting this with permission from Gavin's mom. Gavin is one of Jonathan's best friends and like a second son to...

Posted by Susan Moffatt on Tuesday, 30 June 2015


She wrote: “Some kids were talking about how it's weird that he is always by himself, attending events alone and watching people, and that it was 'creepy' how he wanted to be friends with people he didn't know. Another kid that overheard that conversation decided to take matters into his own hands and become judge and jury, and this is the result of that."



"He didn't ask questions, didn't get to know Gavin, never met him, and didn't give him a chance to leave. He was called to meet someone, surrounded by people he didn't know, choked, punched, and left laying on the pavement so he would 'learn his lesson'."


Describing her son’s condition, Cortnie said: "You can't "see" Asperger's since it's not a visible disability, it's a social/emotional one that makes relationships difficult to attain.It doesn't prohibit his movement, or ability to walk, but it makes everyday interactions with people very difficult. He can appear rude, impatient, "weird", detached, or uninterested, but this is not intentional."


What an inspirational young man.