Being told your child won’t survive without a heart transplant is every parent’s nightmare, so we can only imagine how Trevor Sullivan’s mum and dad felt when their son had to undergo the risky surgery.


Last February, Trevor was diagnosed with severe heart failure and medical staff had to shock his heart twice in order to normalise his heartbeat.


Doctors told his parents, Kimberly and Phillip Sullivan, that he wouldn’t survive without a heart transplant, which he received ten months later.


And it’s the subsequent video of the youngster waking up after surgery that has, unsurprisingly, gone viral.


After what was undeniably an incredibly intense time for Trevor and his family, the teen can be seen waking up and expressing his joy at being able to “breathe again”.


My son waking up after his heart transplant on 11-13-15...

Posted by Philip Sullivan on Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Talking about the video which was captured by Phillip, Kimberley told ABC News that she never expected him to say anything like that: “I kind of thought he'd wake up disoriented and in pain, but instead he woke up happy, ready to go and pleased with what he was going through."


Trevor now has a goal to spread awareness of organ donating, and his father has thanked whoever it was that saved his son’s life: “Thank you for saving my kid”.