The dangers of social media trends have been well-publicised in the past, with the infamous ‘Nek nomination’ craze demonstrating the often dangerous results of these so-called ‘games’.


Now, authorities in the UK are concerned that a new Facebook game called ‘Game of 72’ could have been behind the disappearance of two teenage girls.


The rules of this frightening ‘game’ see people dared to vanish and not be found for 72 hours, and police are now looking at the possibility that it could be behind the disappearances of 15-year-old Siobhan Clarke, and 14-year-old Sammy Clarke.


The two girls, both from Essex, but unrelated, went missing after leaving school last Friday. Their disappearances prompted large-scale searches, with the pair finally being located in the Westcliff area on Monday morning.


While police have now arrested a 22-year-old man in connection with the girls’ disappearances, friends of the pair have been speculating that ‘Game of 72’ could be linked to the case.



One of the first reported cases of this sinister game came from France last week, with a 13-year-old French girl going missing for three days and then turning up safe and well at home.


While the girl would not tell French authorities where she had been, she did confirm that her disappearance was part of the ‘game’.


This is absolutely terrifying. All parents should be made aware of this shocking new trend.