The art of running erands with two toddlers in tow

Today was a busier than usual kind of day. I always try limit errands and things to-do when I'm on my own with the kids because:

1. They're kids and aren't meant to be quiet

2. It's not fair on them when we put them in those situations because refer to point 1.

Today however, I had no choice. I had to go to two different banks, I had some admin to do, I had to go to the supermarket for the toy special of course, and some miscellaneous bits and bobs. Now on my own all of this would have taken maybe two hours, but with two children in tow, I thought I'd never get through it.

I was awake half the night worrying how we'd manage. Would they kick off on the first stop or half way through the list? Errands with a toddler and a baby is like going on a trip wearing a blindfold. You really don’t know what to expect until you get there.

Was I going to lug the double buggy in and out of the boot umpteen times or would I just leave the car at home and walk.

Due to the never healing foot, walking was out. So we took the car and I decided to brave it sans double buggy. Yep, Robyn on my hip and Max on foot. When I say impeccably behaved, I couldn't have asked for anymore.

On our first stop in the bank, didn't I forget the pin number. I remember every number, so I'm putting my forgetfulness down to the fact I was under pressure with the two. So while I waited for Matt to call back and remind me of the elusive four digit code, we went next door to a cafe. I figured we may as well wait and have a juice and some toast.

I've never seen them so well mannered and quiet. Honestly, they were so good that when I was leaving an elderly woman stopped us in our tracks to comment and praise them for being so good. This NEVER happens. I'm the mother who gets the rolling eyeballs and the muttering of "she can't control those kids", so believe me when I say, I wanted to scream with happiness!

Usually myself and the toddler are at loggerheads with eachother. He's frustrated because he just wants to play and is fed up having to be quiet, I'm frustrated because he won't listen to me as I beg him to "please be quiet for five more minutes baby".

I'm 'on' all day, carrying my kids around, changing nappies and making sure Max doesn't have an accident, racing to run errands only to race home for naptime and start dinner. By the end of the day, I feel like I've been hit by a truck!

But today, Today I'll take the victory. I'll remember today. Today I felt like a good Mama.

Jessica O’Neill, 26 year old Mama to two under two and author of My Moo and Roo Blog. Currently on maternity leave, winging motherhood everyday.

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