Raising a teen is far from easy, especially with all of the mood swings and tantrums that come along with it. Despite all of the difficulties that those dreaded teen years can bring, there are plenty of benefits to raising a teen as well.
Your teen’s independence can have its negative qualities as well as its positives. However, it can also create a great sense of relief for you as a parent. Not only are they more capable of looking after themselves, you can finally trust them with some responsibilities.
They still need your help
This is of course something your teen will never admit to, but despite your teen’s growing sense of independence, they still need your help with many things. They still need you to pick them up from various social events and more importantly, to give them a hug when they’re down.
They can teach you things
They can teach you how to work Facebook, how to operate your phone and they can also educate you on topics that you were never taught at school.
Old enough to earn their own money
While they are not entirely able to live by themselves, they can definitely learn how to budget and what the real meaning of hard work is. A part time job or summer job can really give your teen a proper sense of independence of what it’s really like to earn their own money.
They’re growing up
There will be plenty of disagreements between you and your teen,but you know deep down inside just how precious these years really are. After all, it won’t be much longer until they’ve grown up and flown the nest. Remember, once they’re gone it’s only then you’ll realise how precious those last few teen years really were, so definitely make the most of them.