The most successful animated musical of all time might have been very different had there not been some serious, last-minute changes to the script.


Disney's Frozen earned more than $1 billion in box office sales following its release in 2013, making it one of the most successful movies ever made. It also earned an Oscar for Best Animated Feature film. 


Now, Frozen's producer Peter Del Vecho has revealed that the original script looked very different to the movie we all saw. 


"When we started off, Anna and Elsa were not sisters. They weren't even royal. So Anna was not a princess. Elsa was a self-proclaimed Snow Queen, but she was a villain and pure evil - much more like the Hans Christian Andersen tale," he said, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. 


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"We started out with an evil female villain and an innocent female heroine and the ending involved a big epic battle with snow monsters that Elsa had created as her army," he continued. 


The producers decided to go against the original concept, as it was not "satisfying" as an ending.


"The problem was that we felt like we had seen it before. We had no emotional connection to Elsa - we didn't care about her because she had spent the whole movie being the villain. We weren't drawn in. The characters weren't relatable." 


As a result, the writers decided to make Elsa and Anna sisters, and they painted Elsa as someone who was afraid of her powers because she didn't want to hurt her family. 


"Instead of the traditional good versus evil theme, we had one that we felt was more relatable," he said. "The premise of the movie became that love is stronger than fear."


Disney is planning a Frozen sequel, but it won't be released until 2019.