In today’s world it is hard to be able to enjoy ten seconds of silence never mind five whole minutes. However, with the proven benefits to you and your body, finding the time to relax and sit in solitude for a small amount of time during the day is important for your mental wellbeing.


If you still feel that you simply can’t squeeze it into your day, the following five reasons will encourage you to make the effort.


1. It gives you a well-deserved break

Undertaking more tasks than you can handle or saying yes to too many jobs, will leave you close to a burnout. A simple five minutes of rest and relaxation will stop this happening.


2. Heightens your sense of awareness

It is easy to let life pass us by as we go about our routine and get stuck in a rut. However, taking a few minutes to embrace your surroundings and all that the world has to offer, the better your life will be.



3. Helps with your memory

Many of us find that we are forgetting appointments, answers to basic questions and even where we put things, relying on technology to remember. However, taking yourself away from your busy life, if only for a few minutes, will help give you focus and better memory.


4. Helps your brain grow

Just as you would go for a run to get your body healthy, it is important you take the time to keep your brain in tip top condition. While movement keeps your body fit, sitting in silence and taking the time to reflect keeps your brain in good condition.


5. Helps you process information

Nowadays, everything needs to be done yesterday and people often find they are constantly trying to catch their tail. However, taking time out will help you process information and be better able to manage stress.