We’ve discussed the joys of raising girls as tots and the realities of having teens, but what is it like when your little girl starts to mature into a young woman? While there are many joys to raising teenage girls, there are some realities we have to face as well:
The makeovers
You will lose count of how many makeovers your teen girl will go through in their teen years. They may be following the latest fashion trends or their friends at school but either way, they’re simply looking for ways to express themselves. Teen girls will astound you with their latest looks and sometimes the inappropriateness of some of their outfits. The majority of makeovers are harmless and are just phases that all teen girls go through. As long as they aren’t stepping out of the house in something that is too inappropriate, it’s ok to let your daughter express herself.
The mood swings
While most mood swings can be frightening and really triggered by anything, it’s sometimes a good thing to remember that your daughter often can’t help her emotional upheaval.While that shouldn’t be used as an excuse to justify bad behaviour, it’s sometimes a good thing to remember when you feel you may be about to lose your temper with your child.
The drama
Nothing is quite as dramatic as the friendship and boy problems that your daughter will go through in her teen years. She will lose and gain many friends and the various boy crushes will come and go. But with each of these milestones, there will be many tears, tantrums and often the dreaded silent treatment. All you can do at these times, is be there for your daughter and offer any advice that you can.
Different stages
Your daughter at 13 can be very different person to your teen girl at 16.  Every girl is different, as is every stage that a teen girl will have to go through. So the truth is, you don’t know what lies ahead for your daughter, all you can do is try is to be there for her. The teen years are scary for everyone involved, especially your daughter. But remember she will get through this and with your support and guidance develop into a mature young woman as a result.