We've been noticing a serious trend lately when it comes to stress relieving methods... the adult colouring book!


Initially thinking this was a bit silly, we decided to try out this supposed "miracle worker".


We spent a bit of time picking out the book we wanted with the right combination of images that brought delight to our souls and then grabbed ourselves some markers and got to colouring.


And we have to admit, it's pretty fun and amazingly relaxing.


Twenty, thirty minutes later we're still colouring happy as can be and honestly, it works.


But the one negative of this whole thing is that these books can be really expensive.


So we've found some really good free printables for you that you can download and print yourself only spending money on the ink you're using.



1. This ocean inspired one from Red Ted Art:



Click here for free download.


2. This mandala one from David Wolfe:



Click here for free download.


3. This owl one from In The Play Room:



Click here for free download.


4. This sacred vine one from David Wolfe



Click here for free download.


5. This cute quote one from By Dawn Nicole:



Click here for free download.


We're printed most of these out already and started picking out colour schemes. Some really cute ideas availlable and the best part is they're free!


Now all you need is to grab some of the kids markers and go mad.


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