It doesn’t take much to embarrass our teens, from simply talking to them in public, to well, basically doing anything. While parents do their best to avoid embarrassing their children, some incidences are unavoidable. Here are some ways that parents may embarrass their teens:
Yelling in public
Your teen can be frustrating, especially if they're disobeying or being deliberately cheeky towards you in public. However yelling at your teen, especially out in public will only make things worse in the long run between you and your child. Your teen may end up listening to you but will probably die of embarrassment at the same time. So if you do feel like you are about to explode, excuse yourself, take a break and talk them when you’re in more control.
Trying to be “cool”
Probably the most embarrassing thing on the list and nearly all parents are guilty of this one. Parents don’t like getting older and as a result try to act younger by using some of their teen’s more popular trends, and of course embarrassing their teenagers as a result. While there’s nothing wrong with being a “cool” mum or dad, there’s a difference between being an understanding parent to acting more like a friend rather than the parent that your child needs you to be. So if you find yourself dressing in clothes more suitable to your teen’s generation, entertaining your children’s friends, there’s a high likelihood that you could be embarrassing your teen in the process.
Being too loud
We know sometimes it can’t be helped, but the majority of times when your teen is out in public they want to blend in as much as possible. Whether it’s intentional or not, if you draw all attention to yourself when out in public, it can not only humiliate your child but upstage them as well.
Treating them like a child
You may see them as one but the reality is that your teen is no longer a baby. So treating your teen like one is not only embarrassing but can effect their growth as well. This is especially worse if you do this in front of their friends. So as difficult as it can be it's time to start treating your teen like an adult, not only will your teen be less embarrassed but they will be more ready for the world when it's time for them to fly the nest.