Ben Folkman travelled Ireland in a quest to raise money for his son, Jarrah.


Jarrah is five years old and has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, CVI blindness and refractory epilepsy, which makes day-to-day life very difficult for him.


Dad Ben decided to do something about it and undertook an amazing challenge – performing 32 gigs in the 32 counties of Ireland.


Traveling around the country with his band, Ben has successfully raised €4,000 on their GoFundMe page alone which is sure to keep growing thanks to Ben’s performances.



But they’re still a way off the €40,000 they’re aiming for.


If they manage to get there, the money will go towards new equipment to help Jarrah and his parents.


“Having a child with severe neurological and physical limitations has been extremely challenging for the family but now that Jarrah is getting older it’s becoming intensely more of a challenge.”


“He’s just such a beautiful young boy, I’d do anything for him,” he said. “He deserves a decent life like any of us.”



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