Times are changing for the Royal family in 2018.


Earlier this year, Princess Charlotte made history by becoming the first female who would not lose her place in the line of succession to a young male heir.


Now the Royals are leaving their mark in the history books with an upcoming wedding.


Before Princess Eugenie weds Jack Brookshank on October 12, there will be another marriage.



The Queen's cousin, Lord Ivar Mountbatten, will be the first in the royal family to enter into a same-sex marriage. 


He to due to tie the knot with his long-term partner, James Coyle.


Speaking to the Daily Mail about the historic nuptials the dad said: 


"I really wanted to do it for James. He hasn't been married. For me, what's interesting is I don't need to get married because I've been there, done that and have my wonderful children;


but I'm pushing it because I think it's important for him. James hasn't had the stable life I have. I want to be able to give you that."



The marriage is expected to take place in the private chapel on Lord Ivar's country estate in Devon, later this summer.


During the ceremony, he will be given away by his ex-wife, Penny.


Lord Ivar has three daughters with his ex-wife. 



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The dad-of-three opened up to the Daily Mail about his children's reaction to the news:


"When I mentioned it to our eldest daughter, Ella, she said, 'Oh Pap, it's not a big deal. It's so normal nowadays'. Of course that generation, they're completely cool about the concept of this...


We'll be pronounced partners in marriage, but the ceremony itself will be very small. It's just for the girls and close family and friends.


We can't wait to see the pictures!