We are literally ALL about this amazing project! 


The Art of Runway is a school in California that isn't just about walking on the runway, it is about developing confidence in young women. They wish to inspire women to find their inner beauty.


The company runs a special class that focuses on women with Down Syndrome, where they learn about self-love, and the fact that disability does not mean inability. 


Renadda Wiggins came up with the concept nine years ago, after a parent brought in her daughter.


"She had Down syndrome. I didn't have the heart to tell her I can't train her so I ended up doing a one-on-one session with her," explained Renadda recently, when speaking to abc7


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This sparked an idea in Renadda, and she decided to set up a class, specifically for aspiring models with Down Syndrome - and it has been incredibly popular. 


The class focuses on stepping and turning on the right count, which is actually far more difficult than you might think. 

The class also involves positive affirmations, which the students say into the mirror: "I am beautiful, I am smart" - the goal is to teach these models that there is nothing they can't do.


"Once they feel it, they're going to start acting on it,. And once they act on it, they're going to start seeing that they really can be what they want to be," Wiggins said. 


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The goal is to teach these young ladies poise, self-love and confidence - which are things that will help them in all aspects of their lives,. 


Renadda admitted that she has been considering training her girls professionally, because they are great models - and should be represented in the world. 

"A model should be diverse. A model should be what the world is. People with Down syndrome. Autism. People that are disabled," she said.


This summer, students will partake in a model boot camp, where they will also learn about makeup.


But, Wiggins said, the greatest beauty tip is learning to love yourself - and we could not agree more.