When you're pregnant, gender reveals can be one of the most exciting things EVER. 


For some, it can be a simple reveal, but other parents choose to get creative using balloons, cakes and even smoke.



Egreis Gjergjani is a mum of two boys, and is currently pregnant with her third child.  


She recently shared an AMAZING video on Instagram, of her super dramatic gender revealing moment. 


In the video, the  expectant mother is seen standing in front of a gender reveal cake while holding her adorable son.



And I'll end up as a meme somewhere. Fml! We're having a GIRL!!!!!

A video posted by Egreis Gjergjani (@thestilettomeup) on


Her husband hands her a slice of cake with a pink filling and the people in the room all start to cheer.


Once Egreis realises the cake is pink, she literally drops her son, and starts SCREAMING with excitement.



This was torture

A video posted by Egreis Gjergjani (@thestilettomeup) on


The clip, which was posted earlier this week, has almost 1 million views already. 


Congrats to the happy and excited mum!