We’re all about setting the mood when it comes to a little romance.


From rose petals to sexy lingerie, anything we can do spice up our love lives is completely worth it.


And while it might sound like a headache, making your perfect hook-up playlist doesn’t have to be a chore anymore.


There is no doubt about it that finding the right music can completely elevate the physical sensations.


Music has been scientifically proven to release the 'feel-good' chemical dopamine while also increasing our heart rate. 


So here’s some options that will definitely up the intensity.


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1. Bedroom Jams


This playlist is full of steamy RnB tunes that will set the tone perfectly.


Bedroom Jams, a playlist by Spotify Netherlands


2. Acoustic Love


This playlist is a “love story in strings and keys” and will be the perfect soundtrack for those intimate moments.


Acoustic Love, a playlist by Spotify


3. 90s Baby Makers


In complete contrast, this playlist is definitely one that will have you giggling when you catch a breath.


90's Baby Makers, a playlist by Spotify


4. Sexy as Folk


Besides the amazing title, this playlist is jam packed with some amazing indie, folk melodies. From well-known hits to songs you’ll be downloading later, it’s a winner.


Sexy as Folk, a playlist by Spotify


5. Timeless Love Songs


This playlist is the perfect example of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.


Timeless Love Songs, a playlist by Spotify UK


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