An inspirational three-year-old has cut off her hair to donate to charity.


Little Ariana Smith, who had never had a haircut before, was moved to action when she saw a video of another little girl who had lost her hair due to illness.


Desperately wanting to help, Ariana volunteered to cut her own hair off to donate it to help other children.


Dad Josh shared Ariana’s story on Imgur, posting photos of her very first trip to the hairdresser.


“My three-year-old daughter saw a little girl without her hair and asked why she was bald. I explained she was sick and the medicine made her hair fall out,” he said, adding, “Without a breath, she said, ‘Oh, she can have some of my hair.’”


He later told that once Ariana got the idea of donating into her head, she was adamant to go through with it.



"We never had to reinforce the donation or talk her into doing it... When she offered to donate her hair to the ‘sick little girl', we just kind of accepted and encouraged it,” he said.


Ariana got ten inches cut off her hair and donated it to Locks of Love, a charity that helps disadvantaged children who are suffering hair loss.



What an inspirational little girl.