Being a teen is far from easy, but being a parent of one can be just as difficult. Here are some top tips for dealing with your teen’s hormones:
Understanding hormones
The teenage years can be stressful for both parents and teens –especially your teen’s temperamental mood swings. Once your child hits puberty, the sex hormones testosterone, oestrogen and oestrodiol are released into the body. This not only causes physical changes for your teen but psychological as well, which then of course leads to your teen’s scary behavioural changes. While it’s never nice to be the subject of your teen’s dramatic mood swings, it’s important to remember that they can’t help it. The best thing you can do in these situations is to simply give them the space they need and be there if they ever need comforting.
Treat them with respect
Although we probably still think of our teens as children, we still need to remember that they’re fast becoming adults.Teens crave independence - so if you continue to treat them like a child, they will continue to act like one. So rather than constantly punishing your teen make compromises with them instead, and who knows they might start responding to your advice in a more mature way.
Don’t retaliate
It’s hard to ignore your teen’s behaviour, especially when they're being downright disrespectful towards you - but having an equal retaliation to your teen’s tantrum won’t solve anything either. Just try to ignore them, take a deep breath, and comfort them once they’ve calmed down. Remember that they’re the teen and you’re the adult – perhaps think back on your own teen tantrums and remember that they’re not so easy.
Talk to them
Teens may not be the easiest people to talk to but try to make an effort anyway. So always try and talk to your teen about your day, even if they don't respond, they know that your there if they ever need to talk.