Two parents in the US called the police on their teens after they arrived home from a trip early to find their two daughters throwing a party in their absence. The girls aged 15 and 16 were charged with ‘permitting a minor to possess alcohol’.
While this may be extreme, mums know all to well that disciplining a teen is never straightforward, but by changing a few simple things they can take control of any situation.
Calm down and access the situation:
Shouting at them won’t work and your teen will likely respond by shouting back, making things worse. Let them know that their behaviour was unacceptable and schedule a time to talk to them about their actions. This will give you time to think calmly about what you want to do.
Have clear lines of communication:
Communication can help you bond with your teen, build a foundation of trust and can encourage positive behaviour. Remember to never shut them out and never walk away from an argument in silence.
Decide on an appropriate punishment:
Short term punishment works best for your teen in the long run and should only last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Punishments should not simply stop your child from doing something but rather should teach them a lesson so they won’t need to be disciplined about the same thing twice.
To stop a situation from happening in the first place, remember to set clear boundaries, stay involved in their life, set reasonable requests and always keep the lines of communication open.