We all know the importance of getting a good night’s sleep and it can be particularly distressing not to mention frustrating when we struggle to dose off.


If you have been finding it difficult to sleep, the following tips might help you finally nod off:


Don’t drink caffeine after 5pm

The effect of caffeine can stay in your body for a few hours after you have had a cup. This means that if you have a coffee at about six or seven in the evening, you can still feel the stimulating effects at bedtime.


Make your room sleep inducing

Cut out all distractions in your bedroom and just keep it for sleeping. This means saying goodbye to the TV, the clutter and even your phone. Think fluffy pillows and clear floors to help you feel more relaxed and ready for sleep.


Exercise at the right time

While exercise is great at helping you get to sleep, if you do it too close to your bedtime it can have the opposite effect. The best time to work out is in the morning or afternoon.


Don’t stress about not sleeping

If you are stressing about not being able to sleep then you will struggle even more. If you find you are lying in bed worrying about not getting enough rest to be able to function properly the next day, get up and read a book or go get a drink. Lying there worrying about it is just going to make you feel worse.


Put your phone away

Avoid looking at your phone or iPad in bed as you are stimulating your mind when you should be relaxing and the blue background light can disrupt your sleep. Read a book instead or listen to some soothing music.