TOWIE star Lauren Pope opens up about her experience as a single mum & shares advice

Lauren Pope has been opening up about her experience as a single mum. 

The former The Only Way is Essex star is a mum to three-year-old Raine and two-year-old Leni, whom she shares with her ex-boyfriend Tony Keterman. 

In November of last year, Lauren revealed that she and Tony had gone their separate ways after nearly five years together. 

Now, Pope has been sharing advice to fans about what she’s learnt since becoming a single mum-of-two. 


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The 41-year-old was answering a Q&A about her life on her Instagram Stories from some of her 1.1M followers.

Lauren was asked if she had any advice for a newly single mum, to which she responded with a snap of her daughters at the park and explained, “Welcome to the club. I'm no expert as I'm very much just learning as I go but I've found a few things have helped”.

“Try and find other Mums local to you that are in the same position, this was such a comfort and also a practical help, you can tag team each other, the kids have other kids to keep them entertained and no one will quite understand what your going through then another single mum!”.


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Lauren continued, “Also learn to pick your battles, I soon realised you can't win at everything and sometimes you just have to let things slide if it maintains some peace and brings you some calm, if you don't hold up your usual routine or the kids don't play ball it's not the end of the world”.

“And also lean on your friends and family, it's hard not to think your annoying people but I've learnt that my nearest and dearest have really enjoyed helping me and the girls and little things like someone doing the dinner for you or coming to your house to help tidy or hang the washing, keeping the kids entertained while you work or do appointments is priceless”.


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“I had one friend come to our new place and arrange and build furniture and let me borrow plants and home bits to instantly make it a home for us, that's true friendship @aaroncarlohair”.

Concluding her candid advice, Lauren added, “I've said this one before but try and get on top of the finances as early as possible, don't let it all build up. Ask someone you trust to run through things with you so you have a bit of a plan moving forward. Yes there are tough times but life is tough anyways so atleast you now have the peace and luxury to design your own life”.