A teenager has saved a baby’s life in a supermarket by using the CPR skills she learned in the classroom.


Abby Snodgrass, 17, was in a changing room in a Walmart in the States, when she heard an announcement calling for security to contact the emergency services.


Following the direction of the commotion, high school student Abby left her changing room and discovered a crowd of people surrounding a young child and her mother in a supermarket aisle.


The baby had reportedly stopped breathing, and her distressed mother was waiting for an ambulance to arrive.


Abby, who had received some CPR training in her health class at school, performed CPR on the 11-month-old baby to revive it.


Recalling the terrifying moment, Abby said: "She did not look like a normal baby, she didn't look alive. I was terrified. I remember thinking as I'm doing the compressions, what if this doesn't work? But I had to put it out of my mind."



Speaking after the incident, emergency services said that Abby’s quick-thinking potentially saved the child’s life.


What a heroic young lady. Thank heavens there was a positive ending to this story.