Sometimes our children need a vitamin, tonic or supplement to get their health and immune system in tip-top form, but the following case proves we have to be vigilant and consult with our doctor before that can happen.


A four-year-old boy was rushed to A&E with ‘toxic’ levels of vitamin D in his blood, after being prescribed 12 holistic supplements for his autism.


According to the BMJ Case Reports, the little boy was prescribed the supplements – including vitamin D, cod liver oil, and zinc – by a naturopath.



Clearly, there was a problem with the dosage as the child suffered vomiting, constipation, excessive thirst, loss of appetite and extreme weight loss in the three weeks leading up to his hospital dash.


After tests, medics discovered the dangerously high levels of vitamin D in the boy's blood, and he underwent immediate treatment. It took two weeks to stabilise him.


The naturopath who prescribed the treatments is reportedly now under investigation.



The case was published in the medical journal as a reminder to parents to be careful when administering supplements and medication to their little ones.


The journal authors warned: “Although families may report benefits with these treatments, there is no regulation for their use and, as our case demonstrates, there can be significant adverse effects.”


Let’s hope this story serves as an important reminder to parents all over the world.


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