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Weight loss after pregnancy: does breastfeeding help?

It’s natural for any woman who is pregnant to gain extra fat. It’s your body’s way of preparing you for the extra strain of breastfeeding. In fact, not gaining weight and fat while pregnant is far more of a worry.
However, once you have had your baby and assuming that you eat healthily and exercise moderately, the calories burned by milk production can help you to lose that weight faster.
The key here is moderation however. Research has shown that excessive exercise and dieting while breastfeeding can release toxins into your breast milk that can be harmful to your baby.
Rather start gradually, by eating healthily, making sure you get enough fluids to compensate for the loss of fluids through breastfeeding, and speaking to your doctor about gentle exercises that you can do. Over time, you will lose the weight if you stick to a sensible lifestyle plan, so don’t crash diet or exercise too much.

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