Having tea nearly every hour has become a ritual in Mummy Pages HQ. It's comforting and it makes us feel all warm and cosy inside.


Saying that, we think tea is just as important in everyday life, and we all know that if you find a partner who makes you the perfect cuppa, you hold onto them with both hands. And tight.



Well, this company has come up with another way to have your tea. In a can.


Yep. CANNED tea. Can you believe it?



Called No More Tea Bags, the aerosol can is full of "properly brewed tea," apparently.


And it gets worse. It comes in FOAM form. All you have to do is put the foam in a mug, add hot water, milk and there's your cuppa.



The creator of it also thinks it has a "superior taste.


"It's a tea-volution." No. No it's not.


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