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What suncream is suitable for my teenager?

It can be difficult to persuade your teenager of the importance of sun protection. Teens often feel invincible when it comes to sun damage, worrying instead about getting that all important tan. However, sun damage is a very real danger for teenagers and it’s important that they understand that even one case of sunburn can significantly increase the chances of melanoma in their later life.
Encourage your child to make sun protection part of their daily routine, reminding them that sun care is not just for holidays. If your teenager is out and about in the sun, particularly between 12am and 4pm this can lead to excessive exposure so it’s important to advise your teen to stay in the shade between these hours and encourage them to wear a sunhat and protective UV sunglasses also.
The most important part of your teen’s sun care routine should be to wear sunscreen. Garnier Ambre Solaire Moisturising Spray SPF30 provides the perfect care for your teen’s young skin.
It has the hydration of a lotion combined with the easy application and texture of a spray for effective and optimal protection meaning  it can swiftly be applied making it the perfect choice for busy teens.
It’s not only easy to apply but the Moisturising spray SPF30 also feels fresh on the skin, is instantly absorbed and doesn't leave white marks. Containing Mexoryl® SX, an advanced patented filter, its formula helps protect against the harmful and pre-mature ageing effects of UVA and UVB rays.Furthermore it also contains a hydrating complex and vitamin E, to leave skin feeling comfortable during sun exposure. Hydrated and protected, your teen’s skin will be better defended against the sun's harmful rays.

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